Littorally Alive!


Littoral Books is pleased to sponsor Littorally Alive!

our monthly online program that highlights writers from the canon of Littoral Books.

As we pause for a summer break take the time to watch our previous programs below!



We have an exciting lineup for Winter 2021 and 2022 including:

literary launches, poetry readings, guest speakers

and all the other things that have made Littorally ALIVE! dynamic and thought-provoking.


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Littorally LIVE!: ONE DAY ONLY

OCTOBER 3rd 2021 at 3PM

Littoral Books and the Footlights Theatre

are thrilled to present an afternoon of poetry and prose performance

by writers from North by Northeast 2, Enough, and Wait!


Tickets are $10 at the door. Doors open at 2:45

Masks are required for audience members.


Footlights Theatre

190 Route 1

Falmouth, ME


(Ample Parking, Accessible)


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Littorally ALIVE!: A Night of Poetry with

Katherine Hagopian Berry and Meghan Sterling
June 16, 2021 7PM EST


Join Kate and Meghan as they discuss poetry

and read from their books Mast Year and These Few Seeds.



Littorally ALIVE!: North by Northeast 2
May 26, 2021 7PM EST


Join Robert Diamante who hosts and leads discussion with co-authors Jodi Paloni, Joshua Rich, Brett Willis, Emily Young, and Rita Doucette. The five authors will read selections from their short fiction and a Q&A will follow.



Littorally ALIVE! WAIT: Poems from the Pandemic
April 14, 2021 7PM EST



Join Jeri Theriault and eight poets as they read from WAIT: Poems from the Pandemic, Littoral Books’ latest poetry anthology. Stay tuned in until the end of the program when Jeri reads Lee Sharkey’s poem “Therefore, I Will Be Quiet, Comforted That I Am Dust.”

(NOTE: The first eight minutes of the program were unrecorded due to a technical issue. However, none of the actual poetry program was disrupted as a result.)



Littorally ALIVE! Signs of Spring!
March 17, 2021 7PM EST


A packed night for St. Paddy’s Day. Agnes Bushell and Jeri Theriault discuss Littoral Books’ upcoming poetry publication WAIT! Eight poets will read poems that capture the spirit of spring. Marieke Van Der Steenhoven will share selections from Jacqueline Moore’s esteemed poetry collection Chasing the Grass!



Littorally ALIVE! Travel Salon
February 17, 2021 7PM EST


Join Agnes Bushell, Judy Allen Efstathiou, Gary Lawless, and Sharif Elmusa as they discuss how travel influences their art.



Littorally ALIVE! What Would You Read? Inauguration Poems
January 19, 2021 7PM EST


What Would You Read? Littoral Books has invited some of Maine’s best-loved poets to read their own (or someone else’s) poem that they think honors 2021’s inaugural event. Stop by to be surprised! Witness history in the making the night before the Inauguration.



Littorally ALIVE! The Oracle Pool: A Conversation with Agnes Bushell
December 9, 2020 7PM EST


Join Agnes Bushell in discussion with Robert Diamante as they explore her newest novel The Oracle Pool, an exciting travel mystery that takes the reader from New York to Turkey and beyond. Exploring concepts of Ancient, Islamic and Christian Mysticism, the book is ultimately a meditation on friendship and how our lives intersect and affect change.



Poets Read from:

ENOUGH! Poems of Resistance and Protest & Balancing Act 2

November 18th, 2020 7PM Eastern Time



Poets Read from ENOUGH! Poems of Resistance and Protest
October 14, 2020 7PM EST



In Design: Kate Hagopian Berry Talks with Lori Harley about Design for Littoral Books
September 16, 2020 7PM EST



Littorally ALIVE! SKIN: A Memoir by Kate Kennedy
August 19, 2020 7PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Kate in conversation with Marieke Van Der Steenhoven for the Littoral Books launch of SKIN: A Memoir



SPECIAL EVENT: Littorally ALIVE! Launch of “Mast Year” by Katherine Hagopian Berry
July 15th, 2020 7:30 PM EST (US and Canada)


Join Kate in conversation with Marieke Van Der Steenhoven for the Littoral Books launch of Mast Year!



A Dangerous New World Poetry Reading!
July 1, 2020 7PM EST (US and Canada)


Charlotte Agell, Sophia Berry, Erin Covey-Smith , Richard Foerster, Annaliese Jakimides, Michelle Menting, Lucia Owen, Martin Steingesser, Kathleen Sullivan




From Home/From Away: Writers Discuss Their Relationship to Maine
June 24, 2020 7PM EST (US and Canada)

Josh Bodwell, Agnes Bushell, Robert Diamante, Annie Seikonia



Littorally ALIVE! Balancing Act 2 Poetry Slam!

June 17, 2020 7PM EST 

Readers will be: Georgie Hunt, Rebecca Irene, Nancy Walters, Emily Tupper Matthews, Shana Genre, Anna Turner, Jeri Theriault.



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June 10th, 2020 at 7PM EST

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