Mast Year: Poems by Katherine Hagopian Berry


Contemporary Maine Poetry Series #2 

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In Mast Year, poet Katherine Hagopian Berry takes us on a journey through her own mast year, a year of creative abundance. Her poems revel in lush language, offering a feast of stories, images, insights, and revelations great and small. Mast Year is the second volume in Littoral Books’ Contemporary Maine Poetry Series.

“This is poetry where we look into the hearts of others, find whole worlds there, learn and move on, changed, into a somehow newer world. I learn something about being human from every one of these poems.” – Gary Lawless

“The poems in Katherine Hagopian Berry’s Mast Year present many scenarios. An Abenaki legend, the immigration story of a great-great grandmother, the description of an old schoolhouse – these snapshots of a vivid life take the reader through a year full of ferment and abundance… It is a wise, finely attuned observer who speaks these poems, enticing the reader to enter her compassionate, clear-eyed vision of the natural world of which she (and all of us) are a part.”– Jeri Theriault


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