Skin by Kate Kennedy


Maine Literary Award Finalist 2021

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When writer Kate Kennedy was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer, her familiar self-in-the-world fell away. What followed was a grueling regime of treatments. SKIN tells how it felt from the inside, from bouts of panic and loneliness to a growing curiosity and hope for the future. Throughout, Kate’s delight in nature and her unexpectedly deep connections to fellow patients served as a touchstone for life to come. Nineteen months after her diagnosis, she took up her pen and began to write. SKIN is the result: honest, compassionate, and wise.

“Kate Kennedy’s stunning book begins, ‘Years ago – long before melanoma – I dreamed a face.’ And what a dream: evocative, imaginative, opening outward into mystery like her book itself. One might expect a memoir on cancer to be heavy-laden, but Skin brims with a radiance seldom found in this world.”

–Eleanor Morse, author of White Dog Fell From the Sky

“Kennedy describes her treatment, her fellow travelers, and the natural world with ever-increasing poignancy, which inspires a deep reverence for the whole of life. Simply put—a beautiful book.”

–Alfred DePew, author of A Wedding Song for Poorer People


SKIN; A Memoir

Soft cover, 100 pages, with illustrations


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