Chasing the Grass: Eco-Poetry by Jacqueline Moore


Contemporary Maine Poetry Series #1 

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Watch a video of Jacqueline reading from Chasing the Grass!


In Chasing the Grass, 92 year-old poet Jacqueline Moore brings a lifetime of experience to the great concern of our time, the fate of our endangered world. Her poetry speaks to natural beauty and its loss, to the power of ancient mythologies of place, and to the vulnerability of the smallest of creatures with whom we share the earth. Fierce and subtle, whimsical and compelling, these are poems that, in the words of Maine’s former poet laureate Betsy Sholl, “offer us a vivid world, one well worth preserving, worth opening our spirits and changing our ways for.”


“Hold your breath reading Chasing the Grass, for the distances traveled in these poems swiftly cross borders of history, politics, nature, and the personal on startling fresh, apt metaphors. They carry us in leaps from grass blade to hummingbird to Eden to devastation of the earth… The poems, strong for their sparseness, are often so deftly written there is barely a mark to track how and where we arrive.” — Martin Steingesser, former Poet Laureate of Portland.

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