The Oracle Pool by Agnes Bushell


by Agnes Bushell

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Set on the Aegean coast of Turkey and in New York City, on the overland route to India and in a beleaguered town on the Syrian border, in an ancient temple sanctuary and a contemporary war zone, The Oracle Pool is at once a mystery and a romance, a tale of adventure, and an inquiry into the power of faith.


“Agnes Bushell’s novel is brilliant in its evocation of the history and geography of ‘the artifacts of human longing and need,’ witnessed in all their glory and tenderness at ancient shrines and sanctuaries, and within modern dreams and visions and places of worship… A central mystery lies at the heart of the book, like a treasure at the center of a labyrinth, revealed little by little to be layered with deeper and older mysteries.”

– Eleanor Morse, author of White Dog Falls from the Sky


“Archeologists, a drowned man, a woman gone missing, Apollo, prophets, cynical hipsters, Hecate, a caravan of Sufis on a pilgrimage to Konya, and a woman who has created her own church– these are the people we encounter in The Oracle Pool, a captivating tale told with Bushell’s signature wit, insight, and a poignancy that touches the heart of everything that really matters.”

– Alfred DePew, author of The Melancholy of Departure


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