The House on Perry Street by Agnes Bushell


by Agnes Bushell

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The House on Perry Street is a powerful and moving story of five generations of women living in a 19th century brownstone in Greenwich Village, each generation striving in its own way to find love and meaning during the tumultuous events of their times. Filled with an array of eccentric characters, from railwaymen of the Gilded Age to Wobblies and Bolsheviks, artists and bohemians, hippies and mystics, The House on Perry Street is a sweeping tale of a family, a neighborhood, and a country.


The House on Perry Street is a warm-hearted, clever, probing, funny story of Jane Austen-like dimensions… Finely wrought prose, well-developed characters, and expansive knowledge of history, philosophy, art and culture pervade this down-home narrative of love affairs, family secrets, political, social and religious awakenings, and tragedies that span 200 years of American history.”

– Dana Wilde, The Working Waterfront

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