You Are Ruining My Loneliness by Kate Kearns


Contemporary Maine Poetry Series #7 

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“You Are Ruining My Loneliness is a beautiful lyrical collection that moves with agile intelligence through poems that stand out for their imagery, apt figurative language, and varied poetic forms. In the poem “Night Walk,” where “rain puddles full as plums…each lit / with its own moon,” the speaker wonders,“I’m alone out here, or /seem to be…I want to know, / am I spying on a new correspondence / with gravity, / or have I, just tonight, / lent attention?”  What comes from such close attention to the world within and without is an intricate and musical series of poems that explore the line between human mortality and ideas of immortality as revealed by the natural world and the universe.


Kate Kearns is unafraid to ask the larger questions about who we are and how to find our way forward in a world of loss. She reminds us of our innate interconnectedness and does what we want a good poet to do: transport us into a way of seeing things afresh through rich language, practiced skill, and above all, a deep and compassionate heart.”

– Linda Aldrich, former Poet Laureate of Portland

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