Portland Press Herald 4/21/19

INSERTING FICTIONAL CHARACTERS INTO REAL HISTORY CAN BE TRICKY   By Carolyn Megan   At the opening of Agnes Bushell’s novel “The House on Perry Street,” Lydia, the oldest living matriarch of the Tallis family warns her progeny, “Beware the priest who comes to the door! They bring nothing

Maine Today 12/10/18

LITTORAL BOOKS CELEBRATES A SECOND BOOK OF POETRY, 43 YEARS AFTER THE FIRST By Bob Keyes   This sequel was 43 years in the making.   Littoral Books, which began as a radical feminist press in 1975 and returned to the scene this fall with the publication of the novel “The House

Portland Press Herald 9/16/2018

THE RADICAL SPIRIT OF ’75 IS ALIVE AND WELL WITH THE RELAUNCH OF LITTORAL BOOKS   By Bob Keyes   Once a feminist press of gritty old Portland, the small publishing house returns with a more inclusive mission

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